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We'll Write a Letter From "Angry Santa" to Any Address in the U.S.

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We'll write a stern letter from "Angry Santa" to any physical address in the United States. Yes, we'll send it to your friend. Yes, we'll send it to your boss. Yes, we can also send it to your ex.. Each letter will be unique, catered to the interests and/or fears of the recipient, and written on pleasantly seasonal stationary. The handwriting will, of course, be sub par. But we assume that "Angry Santa" wouldn't have time for calligraphy, anyway. So that's our excuse, I guess.

When purchasing this service, please send physical address and name of recipient in the "note" area of checkout page. 

Also, while this should be a seasonal service, we understand how shocked your friend might be to receive a letter from Santa in July addressing the fact that he/she is always being watched. So keep that in mind.


Bullying is usually boring and pointless. This service is not meant to promote unwarranted aggression. It's meant to be weird, funny, and kind of creepy. So please keep that in mind when ordering.