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Rotten Plots Card Game

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A 30-to-60-minute movie making card game for obscene people like you.

Rotten Plots is a funny card game for sick and twisted movie lovers. You and your most obscene friends compete to create the most entertaining, humorous, and absurd film plot.

The "Executive Producer" hands out awards each round, and if you win enough of them, you'll make your way to the top (or bottom) of the charts of the movie-making industry.

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Simple Rules

1.) Each player grabs three cards of each option (PROTAGONIST, TRAIT/OBJECT, FIRST ACTION, ANTAGONIST, FINAL ACTION).

2.) The "Executive Producer" chooses a genre card.

3.) Players create plot in the selected genre.

4.) The plot that the executive producer deems best wins the award for that round.

5.) The first player to receive five awards wins the game.

Example Plot

The Cards


Protagonists are the good guys. The ones who drive the story. The ones you want to fuck. The ones who struggle to overcome the obstacles and conflicts caused by the bad guys who are also probably hot.

The protagonist card will be the first card you use in your Rotten Plots.


A Door-To-Door Vacuum Salesman

A Short-Tempered Driving Instructor

A Narcoleptic Mattress Salesman

An Emotionally Unstable Chainsaw Repair Man

A Pessimistic Hospice Worker


Traits and Objects are what the good guys have. They might have a hell-of-a throwing arm. They might have a sack of stolen cash. They might have leprosy. Traits and objects define the protagonist

The trait/object card will be the second card you use in your Rotten Plots.


A Shitty Guardian Angel

An Obsession with Pleather

A Stomach Like a Sack of Pudding

A Preferred Customer Card for the Local Crematorium

A Dumpster For a Home


First Actions are what the protagonist does. It's where the story starts. The exposition sets the stage for the plot that will be driven by the questionable choices of the protagonist and the obstacles put in place by the douchey antagonist.

The first action card will be the third card you use in your Rotten Plots.


Find the Video and Destroy the Evidence

Train the Dog to Shit in the Neighbor's Yard

Give the Sex Talk to Someone Else's Kids

Take Advice From a Drunk Uncle

Burn a Clown Alive


Antagonists are the bad guys. These guys are the assholes that ruin everything for the protagonists. These guys blow up buildings, yell at people for walking on their grass, and fuck the protagonist's wife.

The antagonist card will be the fourth card you use in your Rotten Plots.


A Shit-Talking Third Grader with Something to Prove

A Burmese Python with Human Legs

Some Dickhead Named Travis

A Feral Child with a Bloody Stick

An Overweight Sixth Grade Bully


The main obstacle, the climax, and/or the resolution of the movie. This is where the conflict is the juiciest. This is where the stakes are highest. This is where the bad guy gets what's coming to him...or where the good guy gets burned alive in his own home. Your choice.

The final action card will be the fifth card you use in your Rotten Plots.


Drives a Semi Into the Police Station

Eats a Live Rodent at a Bus Stop

Buys a Horse and Doesn't Feed It

Cheats in a Game of Wheelchair Dodgeball and Lies About it

Steals a Man's Cane and Smacks Him With It