"Buzz Off, Bozo" Stickers

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"Who the hell is this guy? Tellin' me to do my homework. Givin' me ten-minute swirlies and hoppin' right into the bone zone with my mom? Gross! Get a grip, guy! I bet he's gonna try to ground me and pound me to bits. Well, guess what. I ain't listenin' to no one with a rat tail, and I bet he can't hit nearly as hard as my REAL dad."
Does this sound like someone you know?
Yes, it does. It's you! Remember?
Tell him how you really feel with this one of a kind "Buzz Off, Bozo" sticker. It'll make him think twice about grounding you for two weeks just so he can have an uninterrupted vacation to pound town with your mom.
No more groundin'. No more poundin'. Tell this ass he's grass.

- Four Sizes Available