"Buzz Off, Bozo!" Headphones


    "Buzz off, Bozo! You're not my real dad, and I'll never love you as much as I love rockin' out with my badass bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones! And before you ask, NO! I'm never takin' these bad boys off! Just leave me alone and let me experience the full-range of the audio spectrum with noise reduction in peace! GOD!!! If you actually need me, the built-in microphone for integrated call handling and text notifications is what I'll use to reply to your bullshit questions about my mom that you don't deserve. GOD!! IDIOT!! MORON!! GOD!! So excuse me, Bozo, but I gotta keep rockin' out, because it's the only thing that adequately blocks the sounds of you begging my mom to let you into the bone zone."

    • Bluetooth Wireless

    • Stereo Sound

    • Built-in Mic For Calls

    • 4+ Hours of Battery Life

    • On-Ear Controls

    • Noise Isolating Fit





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