"Bad Ideas: A Companion for Comedians on Their Journey to Failure" - Journal

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Every comedian needs a joke book. Something to keep by their bedside at night. Something in which they can write down all their jokes that have either already been used successfully by other comedians or unsuccessfully by no one else, because they are, as the title states, bad ideas.

The "Bad Ideas" journal boasts of 128 blank pages that offer limitless possibilities - bad joke ideas, bad sketch ideas, bad novel drafts, and/or poorly drawn comical doodles. It comes in hardcover casing with wraparound high quality print to carry wherever one might go.

Perfect for:
- The Bus
- Waiting Rooms
- Bedside Use
- Opening a Year From Now and Gaining Some Self-Awareness

- Full wraparound print
- 128 blank single pages
- Casewrap binding