We'll Document Ourselves Wearing A Shirt That Says

We'll Document Ourselves Wearing A Shirt That Says "I Hate (Insert Name Here)" For A Full Day


    What could be more satisfying than showing your friends photographic evidence of a psychotic stranger's absolute hatred for them? Nothing. Well hey, guess what. We will wear a shirt that says "I Hate (Insert Name Here)" for a full day. Whoever is wearing said shirt will document himself/herself wearing it in various scenarios, and we'll send you photographic evidence as well as the shirt itself once we're finished. Pretty dope, huh? Yes. It is.


    - 3 Week Turnaround Time (We have to create the shirt)

    - Put Name of Person on "Note" section of order

    - No celebrity or political figure names

    - Don't turn this into a bullying/hazing thing. That's boring and stupid. We just want to help you freak out your friend.

    - We will send photos to email associated with order unless notified to do otherwise

    - We will ship shirt used in photos to physical address associated with order





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