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We'll Write a Custom Blog Post About Your Stupid Friend That We Don't Even Know

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We will create a custom blog post about your stupid friend that we don't even know. Wouldn't it be great to send your friend a link to an article that was written about him or her? And more importantly, wouldn't it be great to act like you had nothing to do with it? The answer is yes.


- We reserve the right to negotiate about length and topic requested.

- 1-2 Week Turnaround Time (We might have to do some research / create some graphics)

- This is not about bullying. Bullying is stupid. This is about screwing with your friends. Making people freak out is awesome.


Here are some examples of previously written articles:

Dustin Scheller: The Guy We'd All Love to F*ck

Tyler Elpers: Lord of Lords / Call Center Champion

C'mon. Let's make something happen.