We Wrote a Spooky Halloween Kids' Book Called "The Creature Behind You." Here it is.

by Dead Ends Entertainmenton October 31, 2017

The creature behind you

We wrote a creepy kids' book to spook 'em all on Halloween. It's called "The Creature Behind You." Here it is. You can even listen to the song we created for it while you read.


It follows behind as you creep down the stairs

It twirls in its fingers your standing up hairs

Its voice is the creaking of doors as they shut

As you turn with a dead cold despair in your gut

It pinches the tails of the mice and the rats

That scoot 'cross the floor and get chased by the cats

It breathes on the sheets as they cover your head

Mom and dad won't see it under the bed

it puts worms in apples, now dreadfully rotten

it's what made you scream in the dreams you've forgotten

it hides up in branches in near weeping willows

It waits 'till you're gone to spread crumbles on pillows

So tired eyes stay wide and restless all night

To see its distractions with dreadul fright

It steals single socks, drops loose nails on the floor

it peers at your feet through the cracks under doors

walk shadow in front with your back to the sun

and you better not scramble, you better not run

Behind you you'll think that the leaves are just rustling

You'll think but what if and continue your bustling

And rightfully so, because those are not leaves


Regardless of what anybody believes

Those are its fingernails, scraping and grinding

Now closer and closer, and ever reminding

the faster you scramble, the faster it follows

you'll act like it's nothing with quick, nervous swallows

But don't tell your neighbors, your friends, or your foes

the truths i've imparted no other should know

and if it discovers you've told how it plays

It will snatch you right up and will take you a-


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