Rotten Plots is 100% Funded!

We were asking for $10,000 through IndieGoGo in order to help us print the first run of the game. At this price point, we can create, order, and distribute the game at a price that's affordable for even the poorest college kid. And guess what. We did it! Dead Ends Entertainment is extremely excited to finally bring the world's most ridiculous games to the shelves of boring retail establishments. So look out for it. Because it will probably be banned pretty soon. But until the game comes in, feel free to browse our services below. You're going to want to order a few. We can tell.

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We're dedicated to creating, publishing, and promoting projects that are usually pretty ridiculous. If it's not a little obnoxious, then we usually feel that it's not worth our time. We thoroughly enjoy partnering with like-minded people and businesses. So if you have a ridiculous idea, send it to us at, and maybe we can collaborate to make the world a better place...or worse place. Doesn't matter. As long as we can laugh about it.